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Roatan - A new Caribbean contender for the second home market

It’s time to reach for the Atlas again as the island of Roatán is added to the list of hot emerging markets for the intrepid househunter. Part of a string of islands some 60km off the eastern coastline of Honduras, Roatán rests on a curved coral reef, second in length only to Australia’s, and offers idyllic diving conditions, signature wedding-white Caribbean beaches and year-round temperatures of between 25 and 32 degrees Celsius. Already popular with American property investors, the Europeans now want to join the party. Bart-Jan Hin, RE/MAX Sales Associate living in Roatán comments, “Due to the low exchange rate of the dollar in comparison to the pound and the fact that the British are known to be the ‘Kings of the Caribbean’ following an enduring love affair with the islands, there’s no reason why Roatán shouldn’t enjoy the same widespread appeal. English-speaking friendly inhabitants,...

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Heavenly Honduras

CORRESPONDENT Roatan Island in Honduras is more than just a geographic location. It's a state of mind. On your worst days when you fantasize about escaping to a movie-set-perfect tropical island, Roatan would do nicely. Still largely undeveloped for tourism, it's a laid-back, pristine, breathtaking speck of Earth that attracts backpackers, divers and, increasingly, mainstream Americans as it begins to make it onto the vacation radar. So, undoubtedly, it will change. But for now, it's still an amalgamation of privately owned small beachfront inns with mosquito netting suspended over the beds, ceiling fans languidly distributing the balmy air and the transparent aquamarine Caribbean Sea just feet away. Roatan, 33 miles long and 4 miles wide, is one of three islands making up the Bay Islands. It is 30...

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Investors Cruise to Roatan's Real Estate Market

Cruise port construction near Honduras should boost Roatán property values Published on: Thursday, January 10, 2008 Written by: Melana Yanos For real estate in Roatán, a small island 40 miles north of Honduras in the Caribbean Sea, the ships are coming in and bringing valuable commercial activity with them. Specifically, the large-scale construction of two ports by major cruise lines Carnival and Royal Caribbean is expected to further boost the island’s rapidly growing tourist industry and consequently enhance growth in Roatán’s property values. Cruise ship arrivals are expected to quadruple from 250,000 in 2006 to more than one million in 2008, according to an article published by LatinFinance last March. This increase will be in large part because of new ports that are able to accommodate a larger number of cruise trips and passengers. Carnival announced its agreement with the Honduran...

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Scuba Kids Take Plunge Off Honduras

The waves were running high, pushed by a distant storm out at sea. My kids had regulators in their mouths and dive masks on their faces. I couldn't see their smiles, but from the sparkle in their eyes, I knew they were grinning from ear to ear.

We were on Roatan, Honduras, a beautiful western Caribbean island known for its warm, clear, blue waters with an average underwater visibility of 80 feet - a perfect setting for scuba diving.

I was fulfilling a promise to my children that they woul

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